Premier DatingĀ is a relationship matching service with a difference.

Our service is not an online dating website. We participate actively with you in your quest for a life partner, utilising the traditional method of personal one-on-one consultation rather than relying on automated computer-based matching.

We respect your feelings and concerns therefore we introduce you to a match with the qualities, interests, social standing which you have specified.

We are dedicated to being your private consultant and as such, we go above and beyond simple online dating. We are guided by the fundamental principle that there is a loving partner for each person and we use our advanced skills to bring like minded and like-hearted individuals together. We are motivated by love and excel because of it. In short, we are much more than a series of check boxes.

Are you ready to meet “the one” and fall in love? As matchmakers we know that opening yourself up to finding “the one” and falling in love is taking a risk. A big risk.

Even those among us who live their lives as daredevils can be petrified about committing themselves at that this Olympic level. So what do you do?

You do what any intelligent person would do when faced with this question and when leaning towards answering Yes. You do what you can to minimise your risk.

So you’re not a cliff diver. We don’t expect you to be. Having made contact with Premier Dating is nevertheless a courageous move. And we congratulate you for it! It’s the first step towards lasting love. You are on the starting line of your search for a like-minded, like-hearted, life-changing partnership.

We look forward to accompanying you as your experience matchmakers. So, please relax. We will do all the preparation and research necessary to launch your search. Know too, when you’re ready to meet “the one”, when you are ready to take that leap and “fall in love”, Premier Dating will be here to support you.

We aim to attract genuine members who display the attributes we feel would suit our clientele based. It is our selection criteria that sets us apart and offers you the best chances of finding your life partner. We are a bespoke matchmaking service aimed exclusively for professionals.

We accept members after a discretionary selection process that takes into consideration your attributes and relevant personal information. If selected, you will receive a compatibility service not offered elsewhere.

Our aim is simple: To help you meet people who are as genuinely motivated to finding a life partner as you are. Your best interest is our investment.

If you feel we are right for you, register your interest using the Registration Form. We will contact you within 48 hours for a free, no obligation consultation.