1. By entering your information into our Contact Us page and providing us a photograph of yourself, you are authorising and consenting to us contacting you to discuss the services we provide and to the collection of your information as set out in our Privacy Policy.

2. Once we have received your information, we will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss our services so that both you, and we, can determine whether we may be able to assist you.

3. We do not place on our website photographs and profiles of our clients but provide a personal service where we meet with our clients to gain a detailed insight into them and then aim to match them with other of our clients with whom we believe they may be good romantic match.

4. After meeting with you, should we both agree that we may be able to assist you, we will provide you with a written agreement, setting out the basis upon which we propose to provide our services. Should you wish us to provide those services then we require you to enter into that agreement with us prior to us commencing providing services to you.