Premier Dating offers world class, personalised services when it comes to dating and finding love.

Once you are a member with Premier Dating you no longer need to worry about the credibility of your dates. Unfortunately most people who post profiles on online sites lie about something Рtheir age, height, weight, or worse, their marital status.  Unlike online dating sites our matches are pre-screened and picked specifically to meet your standards. Let a matchmaking professional weed through the riff-raff to find the gems.

Included with every Matchmaking Service
We are committed to your dating success. Our ultimate goal is to help you find a committed relationship. In order to best achieve this goal we help take the stress out of dating and guide and support you through the process.

–Personal Consultation Service–
The Personal Consultation Service is an exclusive service for our clients and it is included with each of our matchmaking services. Once the match is approved we take care of all the details for you…date, time, place.

There is no time wasted with awkward first phone calls, emailing, texting or playing phone tag. You just show up, look great and have fun.

–Post Date Feedback–
At Premier Dating we coach you, tell you the truth on how you come across to others, provide post-date feedback, and help you find that compatible someone. Maybe you are recently single and it has been a long time since your last date. Our matchmakers and consultants will guide you with pointers and advice. Whether you are a dating novice, or a dating machine, you need us in your corner.